Search function character replacement

Has anyone had experience with using the character replacement feature at the bottom on the Features>Search tab? Is the point of this feature to help the app search function find words even when a slightly different character is used to spell a word? Like if someone types fiancée, it will still find fiancee?
A lot of Kurdish people use Arabic or Farsi keyboards when writing in Kurdish. I can’t understand why because you can download apps that give you Kurdish keyboards and both SwiftKey and Gboard have Kurdish as an option, and have done for many years!
Incorrect diacretics are ok when reading a text message, but of course mess up the search function. I have added the Kurdish characters that are missing from the Arabic keyboards and that works fine.
Then I tried to use the next function on the page, the one with: \u0300 \u0301 \u0302 á>a à>a è>e as an example.
I tried to do these 3 letters:
ە>ة ی>ي ک>ك
the Arabic characters are the ones with diacretics and the Kurdish ones without. The diacretics are not their own unicode characters, they are simply different characters with the diacretics. With trial and error I sort of got it to work, the Kurdish word for ‘when’ contains these 3 letters (کەی) (as opposed to كةي ) (the ک is only different when final or isolated), when i typed the word in the incorrect letters the app found it. But when I typed it correctly with Kurdish letters the app could NOT find it, nor could it find any word containing one of those letters.
When I swapped them around, or changed the direction of the arrow the app could find the correct letters, but not the incorrect ones.
Am I misunderstanding the point of this feature? Shouldn’t it be able to find a word with the correct AND incorrect characters?

One suggestion I have for improving this feature would be to have 2 columns to enter the characters, this would make it easier for RTL languages. Another small thing that is quite strange is that when search results are displayed, it shows the verses with the incorrect characters.