Search problem in Thai Easy-to-Read App

The search feature only finds words if there is a hard space both before and after the word. That does not have spaces between words. We placed zero width spaces between words so that the sentences would break correctly at the end of each line. These zero width spaces should be treated as word boundaries. If that could be done, then the search feature on the SAB might work. (I experienced this problem on the App for Apple products. Has anyone run into this problem on the Android app.?)

I think there are other languages that don’t put spaces between their words (Laotian? Cambodian?) Does the search feature work for those languages? If so, maybe that would show us what we need to do for this app. to do searches in the Thai language.

Hi Sean,
we have an SAB App for Northern Thai which uses Zero Width Spaces between words and the search feature seems to work fine on Android. Unfortunately I don’t have an Apple device or an Apple version of the App to test the search feature on. Is there an Android version of your App that you can link me to? If so, I could test the search feature there and that might give us a hint whether this is an Apple issue or an App issue.

Thanks for responding. I am not a tech. guy, so I will include Matthew Carrol at Bible League
in our discussion.

I just go a notice telling me that “new users are not permitted to put ลิงคส์ in posts.” Please
email me at s e a n c p m at g m a i ldot c o m and I will send you the ลิงค via email.