Searching Very Slow

When searching a compiled app, the results are very slow to generate/display. It can take several seconds for the display to be complete. This should be nearly instantaneous as with other Bible apps.

Furthermore, it would be very helpful to have options on the search results page to filter results to OT, NT, and even a single book or book range.

Yes, improving the speed of searching is on the ‘To Do’ list. With just a New Testament it is not so bad, but for a whole Bible it can take a few seconds, depending on the speed of the device.

It’s nice to hear, currently it looks as app every time on search do parsing verse by verse of 3 mb text.

May be allowed add e.g. clean sqlite file with scripture to each collection and use if found for search?

| Book | Chapter | Verse | Text |

Where Text field is index, with all words without any tags (only chars), e.g.
| GEN | 1 | 1 | in the beginning god created heaven and earth |

  • remove all “the” exclude 1st, punctuation, convert all to lowercased, etc.