Section headings displayed in pop-ups

One of my colleagues shared this observation with me:
In popups to cross-references, section headings are shown along with the text. Normally this means you see a verse followed by a section heading at the end of the verse introducing what comes after that verse. But this is not helpful in a popup. It seems to me it would be better to simply have an arrangement where the app ignores section headings when showing text in a popup. If I want to read text in the larger context I can tap on the icon in the top right corner of the popup and go to the full screen view to read.

This is also true for me for Glossary entries, where we have subheadings in the glossary. The pop-up shows some entries, followed by the next heading in the glossary.

I am checking and I can’t reproduce that with SFM Scripture. Built with version 7.0.3

Please ALWAYS state the version you are using.

@Friedo Is your source SFM? If not what styles are on each part: verse, paragraph and section header?

@Doug_Higby Can you send me your book and glossary for me to test with.

@mcquayi Yes, my source is SFM. I built the last one with 7.0.1 but this issue has been observed for a while. Here is a screenshot of this particular text passage. A cross-reference inside a footnote of Mark 3:2 brings up Mark 3:6 in a pop-up which is followed by the section heading marked with \s1
The same can be observed in iOS apps built with various SAB versions.

Okay I did not check that. I was going from a \r reference.