Select which chapters of individual books to include in the built app

I’m trying to create an app with the material we have available, but I don’t see an easy way to keep the drafted text out. For now I may have to delete all the drafted text by hand out of paratext, build the app and then copy that material back into paratext. But whenever we will be able to release an update it would be great if there was an easy way around it.
One way I could imagine it implemented is by being able to select which chapters to include, just like you can choose which books to include in the app.
Another way I could imagine it being done is if there was a way to mark individual books / chapters as drafted text in paratext and then in SAB to be able to choose between include all text or checked text only.

There is already the provision for skipping EMPTY chapters, but I agree that this need to skip over drafted, but unchecked (i.e. unpublishable) chapters is important.

Maybe even something as simple as:
\rem SAB-skip-chapter
would suffice if SAB was able to recognize that within a chapter and skip publishing it.

This seems to me a feature for Paratext rather than SAB. PT is the source of all publishing. Doesn’t this apply to other outputs too?