Setting script in extra fonts

The setup:
We would like footnotes to be numbered with an Arabic footnote marker (U+0602) combined with a number.

The main font we’re using can only handle up to 2 digits, so we’d like to use another font. However, when I use the Styles tab in PTXprint to select that font, the U+0602 marker and the numbers come out un-combined.

I’m assuming this is because the font isn’t being told that the script is Arabic, even though that’s the default through the project. I’ve tried setting script=arab in the Select Features part of the Font area of the UI, and I’ve also tried setting \FontName font:script=arab in the *mods.sty file.

Is there some other way of setting the script? Or, is there some other reason why the combining mark u+0602 isn’t working properly with the new font? (I have tested it externally to make sure the font handles it.)

You can check what the font is actually being defined as with \LogFontstrue (which then generates a \jobname.fontusage file). I wonder if there’s some glitch, maybe?
Other random ideas: Do you need to enable graphite for it? Or to apply some kind of mapping?

Thanks. Looking at the log file at least helped me know the problem is something else.

Setting script=arab in the Select Features part of the Font are of the UI does work. In the log file it has a plus, +script=arab, but I’m assuming that doesn’t matter.

In LibreOffice and Word, the number ؂۱۲۳ only has two digits combined for Awami Nastaliq and Scheherazade New, but it has three digits combined for Noto Nastaliq Urdu and for Times New Roman. As a result, I’d like to use one of the latter two in PTXprint.

But, in PTXprint, the numbers only combine with the footnote marker (for single or double digits) for Awami and Scheherazade. They don’t combine at all for Noto or Times.

I’m assuming this isn’t a graphite thing, since Noto and Times aren’t graphite.

I’ve tried different mappings (Default, Arabic-Indic, Extended-Arabic) but I can’t get any of them to work.

Any other ideas why the characters are combining in Noto and Times?