Setting up User Accounts for iOS

Hi. I’m trying to set up user accounts feature for my app both in Android and iOS. It is the same app with the same package name, and I’ve added both version to the same database in Firebase. The Android version is working as expected and it syncs all of my notes, highlights, bookmarks … However, the iOS version doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve made sure that the app has the Push Notifications capability checked, and I’ve tried regenerating/readding the provisioning profile, clearing/readding the GoogleService-info.plist file … nothing makes any difference. I don’t have access to any iPhone/iPad so I’ve been testing the app only using the iOS Simulator. And the app just doesn’t do anything whether I’m trying to sign in, to sign up, or even to click the forget password button. Is it that the iOS Simulator doesn’t support signing in of apps and I need to test it on a real device? Or is there something I miss? Btw, I’m using SAB 9.3.

  1. Have you gone through section 17. Using Firebase in an iOS App of Scripture-App-Builder-03-Installing-and-Building-on-Mac.pdf?
  2. Have you gone through section 22. User Accounts of Scripture-App-Builder-02-Building-Apps.pdf
    which covers setting up the database, authentication and rules required?

Please test the User Accounts on one of our iOS apps to see that we have this working. I just followed the above 2 sets of instructions. I did use the rule for combined User Accounts and Registration Screen under

Rules FAQ

Q. If we have also enabled User Accounts for this app, what rules do we need to use?

If you are using both User Accounts and a Registration Screen, you need to combine the
rules as follows:

 "rules": {
 "users": {
 "$uid": {
 ".read": false,
 ".write": "$uid === auth.uid"
 "authenticated-users": {
 "$uid": {
 ".read": "$uid == auth.uid",
 ".write": "$uid == auth.uid"