Several styles more bold in primary text than secondary text

I am working on typesetting diglots.

In Paratext, certain styles in my Secondary Text (T2) appear more bold than the same styles in my Primary Text (T1) . I think that’s due to the fact that I use a different font for the two different texts in Paratext. The styles that appear more bold in my T2 in Paratext include, but may not be limited to, \mt, \imt, \imte, \s.

But when I use PTXPrint to typeset a document, I’m using the same font for both texts. My T1 has several styles that come out more bold than the same styles in my T2. It seems that he same list of styles that were more bold in the T2 in Paratext are the same ones that are more bold when I make a diglot PDF in PTXPrint.

I look at these styles using the Styles Editor in PTXPrint and they all are set the same for both projects. So I suspect there must be a style somewhere that is higher up the chain of cascading styles that is causing this to happen.

I checked PrintDraftChanges.txt and don’t see anything there that looks likely to cause this.

I checked Cumstom.sty for both T1 and T2 and don’t see anything there.

On the Advanced tab, I do not have PTXPrint using any of the other .tex or .sty files.

Thanks for any help you can give me on this.

John Nystrom

Hi John, Thanks for raising this question. Once again, if you suspect that it is a bug, then the most sure-fire way of getting a response from the developers is to submit an issue along with an archive file so that we can reproduce the issue precisely and spend less time hunting down the parameters under which it might happen. To do so, create a .zip archive using the button at the bottom of the Help page/tab and then either send it to the ptxprint[underscore] address or submit an issue on the Github issue tracking system.

Okay, I’ll do that. By the way, it’s not just the way my PDF reader is presenting it. When I print it, they still look different. Changing zoom levels doesn’t change the appearance of one bolder than the other. Using a different PDF reader still gives the same result.


Mark Penny found my problem: User Error!

For my primary text, I had set the amount of (fake) bold to be applied to 3.0. In secondary text, I had set it to 2.0. Once I set it to 2.0, bold is the same on both sides.

Thanks, Mark!