Severe performance issue/logging

I’ve build my latest app with SAB 5.3 for Mac. The app is here:

  1. I am experiencing very long initial load time on my phone (10-15 seconds).
  2. Also when I click on the speaker icon for audio, it spins another 30 seconds or so looking for audio.
  3. I think I have it set to automatically download, but each time I am re-launch the app, it seem to forget that I have audio and begin “searching” for audio all over again (with its long delays). So I am not sure if it is unable to find the audio on relaunch and redownloading or what is happening.


  1. is there some kind of debug / logging switch that will allow me to see what is happening?

The only thing I am doing different is using Firebase analytics instead of GA. I have also selected FCBH analytics just to see how it works. Don’t know if that is causing the severe delay.

Any help would be appreciated, on my end I will start turning off analytics to see if makes a difference. Network wise I am on 4G in Thailand so don’t think that is the issue.

Thank you!

Try turning the highlighted setting off. Does that help?

How big is your app?

Currently, IOS app doesn’t implement analytics. You can see the difference in features on this page:

I know that @david_moore1 has done work to speed up startup time in the past. There is console logs from the phone if you connect it to a computer and use Xcode (under window -> devices and simulators menu item, select the connected device, click on console log, filter by process = TemplateApp). There is some logging there. There might be useful information.

If you copy your project (and audio) to google drive or Dropbox and send a private message (through the forum) with the link to me and @david_moore1, we can look at it.