Share Video - doesn’t share?

(SAB 8.5, running app on Android 10 Samsung A10)
I’ve just been trying the Share Video option in SAB. I’ve enabled it in the Verse on Image page, and in the collection Sharing tab (both check boxes). The app is about 50Mb larger, as expected.

When I configure my verse on image and tap the sharing icon, it gives me options to Share Image and Share Video, as expected. But if I tap Share Video, it flashes up an empty white box/window briefly which then disappears, and then does nothing else. The Save Video button acts similarly (flashes empty window, then does nothing else). I’ve searched my device for any new files that might have been created, but didn’t find anything. The image share options seem to work as expected.

I’m pretty sure that’s not the expected behavior… :slight_smile: Any suggestions? (