Sharing and copying buttons missing in iOS app

I noticed that in iOS apps built with SAB 7+ there are only three buttons on the “annotations bar”. It used to be five buttons including two for copying and sharing a verse. Have they been taken away on purpose? It is possible to copy and share text just by marking the text with the standard iOS feature… but it doesn’t include the Scripture reference.

Here are screenshots, first one SAB 7.0.3, second one SAB 6.2.2 (same app project)


@ChrisHubbard I wonder if you noticed this post. It’s quite a serious bug in my opinion because at the moment Scripture verses can’t be shared with the iOS apps, at least not with the references included.


I forwarded this one on the @david_moore1 and he has fixed the issue. This will be fixed in the next update. David could probably get you a test build as well.


Thank you very much!