Show the introduction 1st, not chapter

Is there a way to make the introduction the first viewed chapter for every book? I know you can define the opening book/chapter the first time the app opens, but is there a way to answer the point made in his text:

I notice that when you select a new book on the web page, it always takes you to the beginning of chapter 1. To see the introduction for that book, you have to click the < . I’m afraid that means that a lot of people will miss the book introductions. Is it possible to tweak things so that you get to the introduction when you select a new book from the dropdown menu?

Thanks for any tips / pointers.

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It would be nice if this was an option - but I do not believe that is the case.

Overwriting the default action is relatively straight forward.

The html created has a folder called js. In there you will find a file called book-pnames.js. You can edit this with a normal text editor.

For example if Luke has an introduction change the line
{ name: “Luc”, ref: “07-LUK-001.html” },
{ name: “Luke”, ref: “07-LUK-000.html” },

Make that change for every book with an introduction.

Hope that helps


Brilliant idea Maurice! I am familiar with that file and have made edits to it for many apps in the past. I made the changes with a text editer and it worked perfectly. THANKS!