Single column layout right margin problem

I’m trying to use have layout like this one. However, I’m getting like those I attached here

, using the attached configuration configuration and single column layout with side margin 12.

The issue is with right edge margin as you can see from the output. Any help from the community is highly appreciated. God bless you.

Hi there, Thanks for your question. I am not able to fully understand what isn’t right from the screen shot. I assume that you are trying to follow the instructions on this How To page. Is that correct?

Please could you send us a small archive .zip file using the instructions in this previous post. This will enable us to see what settings are being applied, and diagnose the issue quicker. Thanks.

Yes I’ve seen this sometimes. First ensure that cross references are enabled and then try selecting say End of Page and then selecting Column Cross-References again so that the Column Cross-References frame becomes active. Once it is active, it’ll give you what you want when it prints.