Songs of Praise in SAB

This is not about songbooks, but about illustrations (or so it seems).
Until June, I used to be able to build SAB apps from my PT project without trouble, without having to do anything major about illustrations. They are just draft apps without illustrations, even though they are in the PT project.
But now SAB persistently hangs at “writing illustrations”. I went all the way back to SAB 5.4 because that was the last that worked on 1 June, when the new SAB 6.0 hung today.
I’m wondering whether anyone has had similar issues, and whether it is connected to having switched to PT9 recently, or whether there is something I have suddenly started doing “wrong” or whether it is an issue with SAB 6.0? Any ideas?

Did you add the illustrations into the Images > Illustrations section?

@LBible I got your project. I built the project and have pictures in the app. So I am unable to reproduce your issue.

Pictures in the Songs section?

I have pictures in the Scripture section but not Songs.

Could you do a screen shoot of Chapter 1 in the Songs section showing the pictures and send it to me at my email address.

The heading of this topic is Songs of Praise in SAB we have changed from pictures in Songs to pictures in Scripture.

The project you sent me has scr only. The pictures are showing up in that for me.
I don’t have a songs section that I can see.

Hi Ian

I worked out what I did wrong.

I put the music.jpg file in Illustrations folder within App Builder only but I didn’t import the image within SAB (ie: within SAB Images Illustrations tab and add Image there.

Once I did that then my image appeared in the App. Sorry for the confusion on my behalf

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