Source of Audio

Using SAB 4.5, I see this on multiple systems and projects:

Project has two audio sources:

  1. Internet
  2. Local SD Folder (default source)

If we need to need to update audio files for any reason, then we remove and add files. The audio source for the newly added files default to source 2.

Sounds good so far, but if the local folder is not on the SD, then SAB says “No Audio”.
If I change the audio source for all the audio files to #1, then it works as expected.
Meaning it looks to source 2 if available and if not it uses source 1.

This doesn’t make sense to me, but it is consistent.


Hello @MikeB, Have you tried using the latest SAB release (v5.1)

no. I prefer to stay at 4.5 for now.
Is it a known issue that was fixed?

Mike, if you specify that a file should use a Download from Internet source, this means that:

  • The app first looks to see if the file is already downloaded/available on the device.
  • If it is not, then it will ask to download it from the internet.

If you specify that a file should use a Distribute in an External Folder source, this means that:

  • The app tries to find the file on the local device. If it does not find it, it tells you.

That is what it is doing, but I do not understand why it is auto-selecting Source 2 for the files whenI add them. That seems to be the cause, because when the files have Source 2 (folder) set, it fails to try the internet.

With both the Download from the Internet and Download from FCBH audio source options, it asks for the name of the “Download to Folder”. From my experience, I specify one of those Download options, define the folder name, and then if I happen to distribute those files (via SD card, etc.) in a properly-named folder, then SAB finds them just fine, without going to the Internet. So if the audio files are available on the Internet, just select and define one of those Internet options, but you get the external folder option “for free” by just making sure that the folder name that you use for your external folder is the same as what you defined in the Internet option.

A couple of clarifications:

  • The ‘default’ file source is the one that is assigned to new audio files that you add to your project. So, for example, if Source 2 is marked as the default, then any audio files you add will use Source 2.

  • Each audio file is assigned to a single source. The app will not try one source and then try another. So if an audio file is set to use Source 2, it will not try Source 1 if Source 2 is unavailable. But, as explained above, some sources imply trying in two places (e.g. Download from Internet implies checking to see if the file has been downloaded or is available locally first before it goes to download it from the internet).

Actually it does work. It will look for download folder if not there it goes to the internet. I have tested it.

My Source 1:

My source 2:

As @jeff_heath explained, you only need Source 1 since it encompasses the functionality of playing audio it already finds in the folder.


Ok, I will test. I hadn’t understood Jeff’s response.