Splash Screen: Tap to Remove & Sequence of Splash Screens

Hello two feature requests related to the splash screen:

  1. Please give an option to leave the splash screen on until tapped. (People wanted to look at the splash screen longer, but if we specified the time for longer, people would tap many times to clear the splash screen - didn’t realize they had to keep waiting).

  2. Please give an option to have more than one splash screen in sequence. For example, turning on the app will show something like: “University of ABC presents” then, “XYZ Dictionary”.


Hi Christopher,

As an app junkie with over 200 apps on my phone, I wonder what the precedent for a long splash screen is. I am not aware of any apps that provide a splash screen except to show a brief logo or info while the app is loading. Some apps may have a screen for setup or training on first use.

It seems to me this splash screen advertising space would be better off left to the drawer, menu, or about page. I think that the user experience is best served by getting all users to the text as fast as possible.

I have a few apps–though more on the computer than on the phone–which have popups when you load the program. Not exactly a splash screen–more of a hints window. The ones I am thinking of have a check box on that screen which allow you to hide it from future start-ups.

If this feature were enabled (and teams I work with have also requested the exact same thing), I would want it to have a very obvious and direct way of opting out during future loads (i.e., not part of the System Settings which you have to go searching for).