Starting a project with PTX backup files

Are there instructions on how to start a HearThis project with ParaText backup files?

I don’t know that anything has been written up to directly address that. A Paratext backup file is normally expected to be restored inside Paratext to create a local project. So if you have (or can install) Paratext, that is probably the most straightforward approach. HearThis will then be able to see the local Paratext project and load it up that way. If that is not a viable option for some reason, a Paratext backup is really just a zip file, so you could extract the files in it to a folder on your drive. In HearThis, if Paratext is not installed, there is a little link near the bottom of the Choose Project dialog box that says “Find Paratext projects folder”. If you click that and navigate to the folder that contains the folder where you unzipped the files from the backup, HearThis will attempt to access the files from there. If the backup is old (from before Paratext 8), I’m not very sure that this approach will work.

This is helpful. Thanks Tom!