Starting audio causes crash

I am revising my Scripture app. I has several New Testament books now, the last one being Jude. All books have synchronised audio. I am testing the builds with my Android (9) phone. Everything seems to be working fine, except with the book of Jude. When I open Jude, the text appears normally, but as soon as I try to start the audio, the app crashes. This has been going on for weeks, with every build. I have been using SAB 8.1 and 8.01 for Mac (and most likely older versions as well.)

I have deleted Jude in Paratext and re-created it. I have examined the timing file and the audio file, but I can’t find anything obviously wrong. Other books with only one chapter, like Philemon, work fine. When I test my app on the iPhone Simulator, there is no problem with Jude. When I export Jude to HTML, it works fine.

Would anybody have any more ideas on how to fix this crash?


This bug has been around a while.

I assume that Jude is the last book and you have no Revelation?

If so then Add another book to the back matter. Just duplicate the About page text for that book. Then see if the issue remains.

Thank you for this advice. I added a dummy book (XXA) to our Paratext project and imported it to SAB so that it is the last book in the collection. This solved the problem!

I presume this bug is quite rare because many others don’t seem to have encountered it.

Thank you

I fixed this crash. It will be included in the next release.


RE: Workaround
If I add an extra book to the same collection, hide it from showing in the book grid/list, does it still fix the issue?

SAB 8.2 has been released and fixes this issue.