Starting SAB fails

I am running Scription App Builder version 10.0.1 using Windows 10 laptop. It was working yesterday, but now it is not. When I run it, it show up on the task bar, but the opening screen never appears. I have tried the following: restarting, reinstalling SAB, uninstalling and then installing. I move all the app definitions to another folder, so that the app definition folder is now empty. The results are always the same. In the Task manager, the process OpenJDKPlatformBinary is running as expected. Also I have no problems with Reading App Builder and Dictionary App Builder starting up.

Does anybody have a suggestion to fix this problem?

Any chance that you were running SAB on an external monitor, but don’t have that external monitor attached now? I’ve found that certain programs “remember” that the window was off-screen and put it there even when the screen isn’t attached. (I sometimes have that problem with RegexPal.) You can tell if this is the problem by clicking several times (slowly) on the icon in the task bar. Does it look like it is opening the window, but sort of off-screen?

If this seems to be the problem, I have a whole page of tricks to fix the problem, but this one usually works:

  • Make sure the window is active (icon is highlighted)
  • Do one of the following two things to activate the “Move” option of the window:
    1. Shift+right-click the taskbar button (because just right-clicking will open the app’s jumplist instead) and choose the “Move” command from the context menu
    2. Press Alt+Space, then press M
  • Your cursor should change to a “Move” cursor
  • Use your arrow keys to start moving the window; then move your mouse slightly to have the window pop back onto the screen (or continue to use the arrow keys to position the window where you want it)

Let us know whether that helps or not…

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When I was using Windows, this would happen from time to time with applications. I would use the trick of pressing Alt+Space, then pressing M and then use the arrow keys and the window would pop back on the visible area.

Another option is that the screen position is store in %APPDATA%\SIL\App Builder\settings.xml. Here is an example:

  <!-- Screen Position -->
  <screen-position width="1200" height="600" x="100" y="100" />

You could edit the settings.xml (while SAB is not running) and change the values so that the window is visible. When SAB starts up, it should use the new position.


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Jeff and Chris,

Thanks for your help. I am using a second monitor, but it still did not display. The solution was ALT+Space anf then from the menu I chose Maximize. Then it appeared. So your suggestions were quite helpful. It must had have some strange numbers in the screen position.

Thanks a lot.

I use

  • Alt+Space and M (for Move)
  • Click an Arrow key on your keyboard
  • Then you can move your mouse and the window will move into view