Still can't get PWA Modern to run on my laptop

I can’t get the modern PWAs to run on my computer. It doesn’t matter whether I ask for it from Scriptoria (and I get a file which I export and run) or if I get a com.alkitab.maluku.kei folder from SAB, in either case, running “index.html” opens a blank window in Edge which does nothing. Inspection shows there is some stuff in there, but nothing shows.

Is there a step-by-step document that tells us how to get form the zip or com. folder to a working PWA?

I wonder if the path is an issue. I’ve set this one to /kei/osa/web because that seemed to be what the instructions said to do, but when running the index.html the containing folder could be anywhere. All subfolders (icons, images, js, styles, etc.) are all right there at the same level as the index.html file.

I’ve seen mention of the need to use http://localhost:4173, but I have no idea what that means. Do we add this URL to the index.html “local file” URL somehow? Or something else?

What we are wanting is a package we can just send to people with laptops, and they can just run them and see their Bible app without ANY knowledge of anything other than clicking on the file we send them. Is this not that?

The Modern PWA requires a web server. It is not a static website like the old PWA. In the Building App document, there is a section (29.5) on how to build and test the Modern PWA.

When you tap on “Run PWA” from the toolbar, that will start:

  1. build of the PWA for running locally
  2. when done building, start a terminal running a local webserver
  3. open a browser to the webserver (running at http://localhost:4173).


Thank you. That section and the following sections do provide some details as to what is involved in getting a PWA usable. It appears these PWAs must be hosted on a website and then installed from the web onto the computer. We had kind of hoped for a stand-alone solution, that could be passed from user to use in the field without the need for an internet connection. But I guess this isn’t that. (The old PWA zipped file does provide that ability, but with the other limitations the doc points out.)