Stop apologizing!

First: our project just discovered HearThis and we already use it a lot. A nice and useful app.

Every time I launch this tool, it brings up a funny little window saying something like this in English (I cannot quote that precisely, see below why): “We apologize. This program is not yet localized for German (English). Please select one of the following languages.” So far so funny.

But after several seconds this English message then jumps to somewhat the same text, in German [sic].

Since I have already selected English the first time I had run it, English is still pre-selected. But on every launch I have this delay of several seconds and then I have to click “Okay” to start working.

On old shareware this used to be called a nag-screen and is brining up bad old memories.

Also please note: The fact that I (for certain profound reasons) have to run this machine in a “German setup” does not mean that I want any (SIL) tool ever to show in English. I had lots of bad experiences with so called localisations and always try to find out how a tool was developped and try to run it in its “native” gui.

So in conclusion: Apologize once, if you must, but then never show this window again please. Sorry if this not-appreciation of lots of apologies is giving you sad emotions. Sorry. Won’t happen again.

I apologize for apologizing so much. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Not sure why the program is doing this. The first time, it does attempt to display the UI in the default language of your system, but once you choose English, it should remember that and stop nagging you. I’ll try to find and fix the problem.

A fix should be available soon… (
As a separate issue, we will make it so that the German version of that message does not translate the native language name in parenthesis:
“(Deutsch)” -> “(English)”

Should be fixed now in version 2.0.132

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