Story page images .png only?


As I am trying to add images to my Picture Story book app, it seems like the images under “Story Pages” tab are only recognizing .png files. When open the upload dialog box I can see that it shows either .jpg, or .png as viable files to upload, but none of my jpg files are visible, only .png files. There ARE .jpg files in this folder as well, but the “select image” dialog box doesn’t display them. I can see them and add them when I go to “Images” on the left-hand menu of SAB, but not in the “Story Pages” tab.

Can someone confirm that we cannot use .jpg files for “Story Pages”? Is there a reason why this is the case?
Thank you,


I can see JPG files in all my Story Pages dialog.

Strange, I wonder what’s up with mine? Thanks for the reply. I ended up just converting my jpgs to pngs. Still not sure why .jpgs weren’t displaying as viable choices in the dialog box.