Stream or download - present the user with the choice

Most users of our apps are not going to know that they can go into settings and choose to change from ‘download’ to ‘stream’ or vice versa.
I was hoping that if the access method is set as “Allow user to choose between download and streaming”, then when the user clicks play, instead of asking, “Download audio file? [] Download automatically from now on”, or just streaming straight away (depending on what the default is set as), it would ask something like,
Audio file:
[] Always do this

Then only once someone has chosen “Always do this” would they have to go to settings to change it. (By which time they would have found out that both downloading and streaming are options.)

Would it be possible to enable this?

I agree with this request.

Additionally or separately, it may be helpful to have a note to the user in the audio play bar which option is chosen with a way to quickly jump to the place to change the access method. There’s a sort of audio settings menu that becomes active when turning the option to change playback speed.

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Would like to see this idea work for Video as well as Audio. So I complete both Offline and Online boxes in SAB, and then instead of this image we could just be asked… download or stream? (unless already downloaded)