Streaming audio default no longer working

I updated to SAB 10.0.1 (and the same thing with the previous release from 29 June), and setting streaming as the default no longer seems to work, though I also added some audio files so it might be that rather than the update?

In the file source I have “Allow user to choose between download or streaming” selected (which works) and in the audio settings for Access Method I have “Stream audio files”, but it still makes download the default (when I try to play something it asks if I want to download it, and when I check settings in the app it has ‘Download audio files’ selected). I can change it in settings, but I can’t get it to use “stream” as the default for the apk (and there’s nothing to alert the user that there’s an option, so I’d really rather stream be the default).

It has worked previously, and now that the wheel spins while looking for files (thank you!!) I’d really rather streaming be the default.



There is a configuration in Audio > Audio Setting to specify the default access method:

I was able to change the setting and it affected the default. I tested this with SAB 10.0.1.

Thanks, but I already have that set to “Stream audio files”. That is how I did it before, but it is no longer working for me.