Stretch/shrink footnotes

Is it possible to use p^95 style notation to shrink and stretch footnotes? Or Adjlists?

Adjustlists cannot work, because of the way that footnotes get processed.
There is no current mechanism for p^95 style things to work either, but… I don’t suppose there’s any real reason there can’t be a handler for that on the character style or footnote-style processing. Writing it is probably going to be a bit trickier than it was for paragraphs, as there is already some look-ahead to check for the * for the end-marker.
In the mean-time… you can certainly define fr_95, ft_95 and friends.

Of course, so obvious once you think about it.

In my defen(s|c)e, I forgot to think back into ancient history to the p_95 style. It’s been at least a month since we got the ^ functionality!