Study Bible USFM support

It would be good to have some basic support for study Bible content
Sidebar content should be contained in a div wrapper as the sidebar content uses standard USFM markers.
This will allow background color or border or nested CSS styles e.g. div.esb { color:#000;}.


\ms Fish and Fishing
\p In Jesus’ time, fishing took place …


to convert to

<div class="esb">

<div class="ms">Fish and Fishing</div>
<div class="p">In Jesus' time, fishing took place ...</div>


Extended footnotes could be handled as footnotes. They are currently just left off.
This can be changed using changes (\\ef to \\f will change both \ef\ef* to \f\f*).
It would be preferable to have span.ef as a style for example.

<span class="footnote selectable tooltipstered ef" id="F-1"><sup>b</sup></span>

Similarly, Extended cross references could be handled as cross references.

Categories are inline (character styling) and could be hidden or deleted.
I am using changes to convert it to an image
(Change \\cat (.*?)\\cat\* to \\fig |$1.png|||||\\fig* and add small images with the same name as the categories). It would be preferable to add to the esb or footnote class.

<div class="esb cat_concordance">
<span class="footnote selectable tooltipstered ef cat_concordance" id="F-1"><sup>b</sup></span>

Hopefully this makes sense…

I’m with you on this. The language I have made an app for is nearing completion of a Life Application Study Bible.
I have been lent the book of Matthew to have a play with it but it doesn’t work very well on its own. You end up with lots of footnote callers together and there are also numbers that appear which serve no purpose to the users.
One thought I had was to remove all the Bible text from the LASB and have it as a second language in the lower pane. It would scroll along verse-by-verse, the text in the upper one and LASB content in the lower one. Verses without any comment would appear blank but those with with ‘sidebar’ or other content would appear there.
This would require alot of thought, for example the normal Bible will have some footnotes, these would often overlap with the LASB notes. You could just remove the footnotes but then those would be missed when in Single Pane mode.

I have tried it side-by-side. It doesn’t scroll well.
You can add verse content on the study Bible side (I use non-breaking space “~”) to keep the Bible content from scrolling as much while you scroll through the sidebar content.
It is then difficult to hide the verse numbers (if you set the style color to BackgroundColor it doesn’t change when a user changes to Night mode or back, until the screen rotates).
Scrolling through large blocks of sidebar content only to have the Bible verse jump to the next sidebar placement when you get to the next sidebar section is also not a good experience, which is why I have opted for an inline approach.

If the footnotes are one after the other, I suggest combining them with changes
(e.g. Find "\\f\*\s*\\f [+-] " Replace "".
Add e? to the regex to accommodate endnotes and extended footnotes e.g. \\e?fe?)
or change the callers to differentiate between footnote types.

I have also set the font to Noto sans for the entire project, added Charis compact as a second font and set the styles for paragraphs and poetry to Charis (see second screenshot above).

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Thanks for these tips. Hopefully some more Study Bible support will be built into SAB in the future.
It would be great to have the sort of functionality in this app, particularly with regards to sidebars and other extra content:

I don’t have enough technical knowledge to try the things you have done so far.