Style for footnote/crossref caller?

Does anyone know if the style for crossref. and footnote callers can be modified? I notice that lines containing either of these have more white space above, which looks messy and even somewhat confusing - as if these lines start a new section. However, in the style sheet I cannot find anything like “caller” or “superscript”. The sections “footnotes” and “crossreferences” only list styles used within footnotes/crossrefs.

The way I tackle these issues is to export the HTML for the book. Then adjust the CSS to get it looking correct in the HTML. I’m a techy person so this is a bit techy.

Then check for that class in the Styles.

In this case:

<span class="footnote selectable" id="F-0"><sup>a</sup></span>

What is needed is a line-height property set to 0. I tried it on the body.footnote selector but that did not work. So I put it on the sup element selector. That worked. You may also want to adjust the font size

body.footnote is in the Styles but sup is not.

So you need to add it to the Custom Styles.

Not every thing that works in HTML will work in the app. While it is the best reference we have, to understand what we can’t see, it does not always work. Some things are programmatically controlled. So check it is working as expected.

Let us know how you go.

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