Suggested enhancement for Scripture App Builder

This is a software or app called Xperiencify.
watch the three-minute video explanation here:
My app with the 30 oral Bible stories is like a course.
I don’t want people to be overwhelmed and do nothing with it. I want them to go through all 30 stories so that they can then get my second app with an additional 30 stories.
These are the features I really like about it and I wonder if Scripture App Builder could provide some of these features.
-It provides “rewards” each time the user completes a “milestone” ( a message from Facebook and from email congratulating them on finishing that milestone)
-it gives them the opportunity to accumulate points that they can later use to get a free T-shirt (for example) advertising our scripture website and our app.
-It helps the students/users to become more likely to complete the “course.”
-at 0:50 the video gives examples of congratulatory messages the user will receive.
-by the way “XP” = xpericenify points
-they get an automatic message from us if they get stuck on a certain section of the course/app (01:36)
-there are many other benefits as well


Originally marked as a “Glyssen” request, but I changed it to SAB.

Thanks @tom_bogle that is correct. I adjusted it to a Feature Request.

Thanks for sharing Craig. IF SAB incorporated some of your suggestions, would you still use xperiencify or are you hoping SAB could replace xperiencify? What has been the response from those using your app? Does this provide the positive feedback/encouragement you were hoping for? Sounds like a great idea to make the app more interactive/fun.
Please provide the link for your app. Thanks.