Suggested enhancement for Scripture App Builder

This is a software or app called Xperiencify.
watch the three-minute video explanation here:
My app with the 30 oral Bible stories is like a course.
I don’t want people to be overwhelmed and do nothing with it. I want them to go through all 30 stories so that they can then get my second app with an additional 30 stories.
These are the features I really like about it and I wonder if Scripture App Builder could provide some of these features.
-It provides “rewards” each time the user completes a “milestone” ( a message from Facebook and from email congratulating them on finishing that milestone)
-it gives them the opportunity to accumulate points that they can later use to get a free T-shirt (for example) advertising our scripture website and our app.
-It helps the students/users to become more likely to complete the “course.”
-at 0:50 the video gives examples of congratulatory messages the user will receive.
-by the way “XP” = xpericenify points
-they get an automatic message from us if they get stuck on a certain section of the course/app (01:36)
-there are many other benefits as well


Originally marked as a “Glyssen” request, but I changed it to SAB.

Thanks @tom_bogle that is correct. I adjusted it to a Feature Request.