Suggestions for picture on text feature

I really like the text-on-picture feature. I have so far only used it on a trial app.
I have a few suggestions for improving it.

  1. If you could move the text up or down it would help it fit on some pictures nicely. Several of the pictures included in SAB are like this one beneath, having a horizon.
  2. If there was an option to include the text with the picture when sharing that would be helpful especially with deep-linking. If you share a verse it can have link to open the verse, similarly the verse of the day will open to the verse. If the same could be true when sharing a picture it would be useful.
  3. Finally it makes the app quite large. My app is now 82mb. Can it be a downloadable option? A lot of people don’t have that much space so if a user could download it as an add on in the same way they download audio files it would help.


(1) Moving the text up or down should be possible if you drag it up or down with your finger over the text.

(2) Links with images are not possible yet, but it is a good idea and something we will look into.

(3) The additional app size comes because you have enabled the audio and video clip creation features in the app which require the FFmpeg libraries to be added to the app. You can still use the verse on image editor if you turn off the audio/video clip sharing features.

If you distribute your app online, instead of creating a single APK for the Google Play store, you can create multiple APKs, which will reduce the APK size. Please see Multiple APKs on the APK page for more details about this option.

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The 2nd one option looks much nice.
I would like to use it soon. Hope our developers will consider this suggestion.
Apart from that I have already written up for embedding logo icon of the app over the edited picture. Hope that will be considered for improving this feature.

Raja Sand

Thanks for the reply Richard,

  1. Don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to try to just slide the text :slight_smile:. That works brilliantly.

  2. I think especially for WhatsApp style messages it would be great if a link for the app (or as Raja suggests, the logo) could be sent with it.

  3. What does this look like in the app store? Do people have different options on the Play Store? Is there an example I could see of an app that has done this? Would the different APK’s all have the same link and deep links work interchangeably?

I was just trying the video-making feature now. I noticed when you tap on save it saves the image, but when you tap on share it gives the option of image or video. Is it possible to both options under save?

Thanks again,

For (2), we have added a deep link when sharing images in Scripture App Builder 7.1.

For (3), if you submit multiple APKs to Google Play, this will be invisible to the user. When the user downloads the app, Google Play will give them the APK that corresponds to their device architecture.

We will add “Save Video” in a future version.