Support for MusicXML for Song Books

Would you be able to add support for MusicXML? It is like MIDI in that the media file size would be much smaller than MP3, and it supports lyrics as well as note data. This would also allow generating a sheet music page for piano or chords for guitar, as well as playback and lyrics all in the MusicXML file. I can provide Javascript examples of this if you would like.

This is what i need. Need this for our church songbook…

Yes, I also need this for our hymnal. This was requested a long time ago and I see no replies. Any news on this?
When I asked about whether Hymnbook App Builder was next the other day in the Q & A, this is what I was talking about. I understand that this format is the most open source, accessible format for music going forward, so I think it would be worth looking into.