Survey on advanced layouts

Back in October 2020, MH asked this: HELP WANTED: Which Page Layouts do you need? · Issue #241 · sillsdev/ptx2pdf · GitHub

We weren’t exactly inundated with replies, so here’s a brief update.

  • Top/Bottom diglots are still a bit of a dream, though MH thinks he sees a way forward;
  • Ditto for Study Bibles with a special cross-references column.
  • After a month or so of re-writing the code, revised and hopefully much more robust left/right, inner/outer, and outer/inner diglots are in final testing before you get to try them out in release 1.6;
  • Triglots and quad-glots might only be a couple of days’ programming away from working in the macros, if someone really wants them, but for the near future they won’t have graphical user interface support, and will need slicing together by hand for a while (ouch!).
  • Sidebars are still on my “to-finish” list and could do with more love, code and documentation.

Please feel free to talk about your actual advanced layout needs (not just ‘maybe useful for someone’ ideas) below!