Survey questions after splash screen


I would like to request the ability to create and manage survey questions so when the user opens the app they are able to answer it and give us useful data.

This could be very useful to see how we can better satisfy the need of our audience.

Here is an example of some questions that came to mind:

  • Would you like to have an arabic translation included in our app? (ANSWER: YES/NO)
  • How can we improve our app? (ANSWER: Text Field)
  • Do you need any help with the app? (ANSWER: YES/NO) (If YES, directly display the Help screen)

What do you all think? IF you think this is a good idea, please give a thumbs up!

Does this need to be in the App itself, or could you have a LINK (in the about /info page, or at the end of each screen/chapter) to an online questionnaire where you can easily gather this helpful feedback?

The issue with adding a link in the about and info pages is that no one really access those, or only very small percentage.

By having it on the splash screen or after startup, you could gather much more inputs.

Maybe this could also be linked with instant notifications (Firebase)?

Be careful that your desire for useful feedback doesn’t alienate the users. I personally would find it annoying to be presented with a questionnaire upon opening the app. Hopefully the user could cancel out of it, but they may still consider it an intrusion (like those pop-up ads!) Maybe a “Feedback” button would work, although I think a link in the About box, as Mark suggested, would probably suffice.

I hear you, I only was thinking of using such feature only once every month or once every few months, which is already so little when you compare to all the other apps we use on our phone.