Synchronizing chapter portion

I am trying to make a scripture app about Abraham’s life between chapters 11-23, but I only would like to use part of chapter 11. I’m struggling to figure out how to synchronize the partial audio of the chapter with Aeneas. I can do full chapters just fine, but the selection that only has 11:1-9 and 11:27-32 doesn’t seem to work. When I look at fine tune timings there is no text. Thanks for your help.

Hi Sergio, I also did something like this and I think it’s a good idea. What I did was edit the mp3s in Audacity to contain just the verses that I needed. Then I synchroniized those with text that had just the verses I wanted.

SAB can pull out just some verses out of sfm files, but I’m not sure if it would work in this case with the audio and all. It’s on the Book tab there and you can just have it do selected chapters and verses. I would suggest edit the mp3, then try to sync it with the verses you want selected like this, then if that doesn’t work make a copy of the text in a separate place and edit it.

Let us know how it goes!

Hey Corey,

Thanks for your reply. I have edited sound files with just those verses. And then I have selected portions in the book window as you have shown. How do you have the audio files labeled for te partial portions? I’m wondering if that’s part of the problem.


I have the chronological booklets labeled:



And then the mp3 files are OT01.mp3 etc.

What I have in the series is:

I’m trying to think what might be happening… You have selected Genesis 11:1-9 and 11:27-32 in the book menu - and then do you have one file with those verses’ audio in it or do you have multiple files? I have not done it this way but my hunch is that if you have it all in one file that might work. I may be wrong about that though!