Table of Contents

I am using PTXprint to automatically generate the Table of Contents. However, the format is not exactly how we would like it. We would like something like this from the example in the USFM manual (stretched across the page):
Matthew … Mat … 100
but PTXprint is generating this (placed in the center third of the page):
Matthew Mat 100

Can this be accomplished in PTXprint?

As part of the development of FRT matter, the Table of Contents generation is currently being revamped for version 1.9.3 and will soon offer much more flexibility in terms of how it is displayed. There will also be options for sorted Table of Contents which can be useful for users who don’t know where a particular book is found in the normal canonical sequence.

Nice. This will be very helpful. Thanks.

I was able to get something similar to what I was trying to do by modifying the ptx-toc.tex file like this (see lines marked RJA added):