TDX: Not Referncing joined verses

Not referencing to joined verses…example from TDX is: 2 Korin 6:18. The text in 2 Korin 6 has verses 17-18 as one joined verse. Therefore the callout to 6:18 shows nothing. Any fix for this type of instance? This isn’t the only instance in the TDX. Just the first one I noted and recorded.

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If in your translation you (for whatever reason) decided not to differentiate between verses 17 and 18, then I would argue that a reference to 2 Korin 6:18 makes no sense. What part of that two verse span should the reader look at? He/she would have to look at the whole thing, since there’s no way of knowing which part is actually verse 18, right? I think the only thing that makes sense is to make your cross reference to 2 Korin 6:17-18.

Hi Jeff
Thanks for the thoughts. You are right and I would need to reference the spanned verse, ie 17-18 and not just verse 18. I will apply that small fix to the TDX cross ref. Looks like I will have to click each and every ref in my TDX to make sure everything is working as it should. Looks like I have 100s of taps in my future. (I love testing! (with satire))

I would:

  1. generate a list of all verses using regex/GREP (you will need a tool such as RegexBuddy)
  2. and create another list of all TDX references (again regex/GREP) and add some text at the end of each of these refs (e.g. “TDX”). This can be sorted and duplicates removed using Notepad++.
  3. Combine and sort the lists (Notepad++) and search for “TDX”. You would be able to jump to each search (F3) and just visually compare each “TDX” line to the verse line (without the “TDX”) above/below it, or you could use another regex to compare.

These regexes would be fairly complicated, but I would be happy to assist if I had some sample files to work from. (Just click my profile image)

Initial setup time could be long, so if there are only relatively few TDX references, just clicking them would be the better route. If you have thousands of references, and if you are or have access to a regex guy, then try this route.

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