Testing app on computer

I’m coming back to Scripture App Builder for the first time in a few years. I remember there used to be a way to test the APK file on my computer, but I don’t see that in the documentation. What is the recommended way to do this?

Many of our colleagues use https://www.bluestacks.com/. Frankly, I usually just connect my Android phone, and set the option in the App Builder to install and launch the app automatically after the build.

@Steve_White you might be remembering the Mac version which does have the ‘Run iOS app in Simulator’ function. I reluctantly got a Mac as a large number of my target audience use iPhones (there is no way to make the iOS app without a Mac) and this feature is really nice . If you are using Windows or Linux device Jeff is right about the Android emulator that runs a virtual app on your desktop.
I set my APK output folder to be in my OneDrive, so it automatically uploads after being built and on my Android device I have the OneDrive app and that APK folder is set to ‘Make available offline’ this means it will always download what is in the folder. This is not a great solution if you don’t have good internet or if you pay per mb as you are sending a lot of data to the cloud and back when the computer and phone are on the same desk :smiley:.

I use NOX, a free Android emulator program.

If you want a very quick solution to see a page, all functionality might not work but you will see the result of the html nicely formatted, open the html file in your web browser, “inspect” the page (right-click). One of the tools at the top of the inspector panel will have the phone emulator tool. This will dynamically reshape the html view to look like a phone. You can then select which phone you want it to represent. Don’t expect text syncing. But book and chapter navigation work. Links out to YouTube work and Jesus Film work. The other phone settings, app features, highlighting, verse sharing, etc. will not be available.

If you are on a Mac, Android Studio’s will allow emulation of various devices (phones and tablets) for testing apk’s as well. And, like Jeff Heath said, if you have an emulator running, and your settings in SAB are correct, SAB will install and start the app automatically on the emulator. But, I have found that sometimes the emulator will not function 100% correctly. Before assuming the build is bad be sure to try it on a phone. Often the build is good, it just didn’t function on the sim. I don’t know why.

To get the apk to a phone, attach the phone with the USB and have the developer option set. Note that SAB won’t install the apk if it finds more than one device to run it on: IE: a simulator and an attached phone. To get around this, install Android File Transfer (AFT). Then you can have an phone connected with the USB set to allow file transfers via AFT as well as run the emulator. Set up this way one can quickly test a build either way.

Android Studio runs on Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.


I think what I used before was the Chrome plugin ArcWelder. Is that not recommended these days?

Chrome updates keep killing ArcWelder. The download I saw said it was only Android 4. So may not be the best option.