Testing iOS App- BIG PROBLEM

Last year I built an iOS app and successfully tested it on several devices via both Deploygate and iTunes. We are now preparing to send it to the Apple store. There were a few improvements to make on the app, so I rebuilt it yesterday and went to test it as normal. Big problem! 1. Deploygate wouldn’t work because, apparently, Apple devices will now only accept apps from the Apple store. 2. The latest version of iTunes (12.1.7) doesn’t even show apps. I managed to find a computer with an earlier version of iTunes on it and got the ipa file into the library. BUT it would not let me install it - presumably for the same reason as above, i.e. that Apple devices will now only accept apps from the Apple store. HELP! How is it possible to test an iOS app in such an unfriendly environment?

Hi Roselle,

I’m still using an older version of iTunes (12.6.1), but haven’t been able to install the IPA file today either. It copies the install file over to the iPad and seems to be installing (it also say installing in iTunes) but then the icon disappears again and nothing happens. Is that the behavior you have been observing?

Have you tried any of the other methods described here:


Hi Roselle, have you tried to test it in Simulator? It is part of XCode. The latest version of SAB for Mac creates a folder in your app project called “Sim Output”. You can drag the installation file into an open Simulator window and test your app this way. In Simulator, you can test your app on many different devices (even iPhone X!), including iPads. Admitted, it’s not like testing on a real device but it’s very helpful. Do you have your own Apple Developer account? Then you can upload your ipa file with Application loader (included in Xcode) and use TestFlight (available in iTunes Connect) to test your app with different testers.
Hope this helps…


So, Michael, the first thing I need to do is download Xcode from the Apple Developer site, right?


Yes, you will need to install XCode first. It’s quite a download… After you have installed it, do one of the following:


So I tried to download XCode 9.2 from the Apple Developer website today and it would not complete. So then I went to the Apple Store and tried installing 9.1 from there, and it told me that the Mac I am using is not up-to-date enough. (It’s a MacBook Pro.) Do you know if there is an earlier versions of XCode that would do what I need it to do and, if so, where I could download it from?

Cancel that, I have it. :slight_smile: Here: https://developer.apple.com/download/more/

The iOS simulator feature in SAB 4.0 is great. :slight_smile: