Text cursor not accurate in About section editor - Mac

Just wondering if there is any way to make the text cursor to display accurately in the About section editor of SAB? Maybe on PCs there is no problem, but on my mac the cursor position gets off more and more in relation to the text as you move rightwards. This isn’t a huge issue, but it always makes it tricky to edit what is in the about section of apps.

On my Mac it is fine in Latin script. What script are you editing in?

You can edit in some other plain text editor and just copy in if that works better.

I’m surprised that it is good on your mac and not on mine. (I’m also using latin script.) As a work around, I have always copied and pasted from a text editor. However, I thought that I should report this, since it’s a bit of a pain and other mac users probably experience the same thing. I guess not!

As an example, here in this screenshot you can see a highlighted line. There are no empty spaces at the end of this line. If I put my cursor at the end of that blank space area at the end of the line and delete one character, the ‘)’ will get deleted.

And now today it has become impossible to get the ‘℗’ symbol to show up in the about section of a particular project in RAB. It shows up fine in another RAB project; if I copy it from that project over to the problem one it shows up like this:


In the about section viewer nothing shows up for this symbol. Now, I build the built app and the correct symbol appears, but about 10 font sizes too big.

I can copy/paste this symbol back to into another RAB project about section and it shows up absolutely fine. Don’t know what is going on, but it seems like a bug of some sort.


This is the SAB forum not the RAB forum. But your last post talks about RAB not SAB. Are you still talking about SAB or RAB?

When I checked on About in RAB that had a script as the selected font the cursor was different in that it was shorter and above characters but not out of place.

What editor are you using for editing externally?

Have you tried directly editing the About file from the project when SAB is closed?

In my first post I was talking about SAB, and in my last post I was talking about RAB. In fact I have problems with the cursor in the about section of all three App Builders. (Btw, is there an RAB or DAB forum?)

I use text edit for external editing.

That is a good idea to simply edit the about file with the project closed. Thanks Ian! It’s a good workaround.

DAB community is here: https://community.software.sil.org/c/dab
RAB community is here: https://community.software.sil.org/c/rab

It is hard to solve problems that are not reproducible. So the cursor alignment issue will remain an unsolved issue.

So is editing the About page outside of the app builder having issues?

Editing the About page outside of SAB in TextEdit works completely fine.

I just installed SAB on an older MacBook Pro and the cursor/font display in the About editor is perfect.

I’m wondering if the problem might have something to do with the Retina display on my mac (MacBook Pro 15’, 2017)? I googled this issue and there are others who have had cursor problems while using various applications; retina displays seem to be a fairly common thread in these discussions. I reset the NVRAM/PRAM on my machine, tried different keyboard input sources (System Preferences/Keyboard/Input Sources, and tried new test projects is SAB. Nothing made a difference.

Actually one time after I rebooted after changing keyboard input sources, the cursor issue in SAB was sorted out! But not in RAB. The next time I rebooted, it was all out of whack again. Don’t know what is going on.

Anyway, looks like it could be some machine related issue. If anyone else has this issue, let us know, including what kind of machine you use.

By the way, thanks for the RAB and DAB forum links - I thought these forums should exist, but was never able to find them by simply navigating around on the Scripture Software Community site.

I added this to the todo list. I am assuming one of the developers has a Retina display to test with MPP3Gen though yours is 4Gen. If not then it may not get fixed.

Can you supply some of the better links to this Retina misbehavior? So I can include them too?

I have MacBook Air so no Retina display.

Okay, so your comment here led me to the idea of connecting a non-ultrahighres monitor to my mac to see if the about section in SAB displays differently. It does! As soon as I move SAB (or RAB or DAB ) over to a 1080p display, the about section text renders PERFECTLY. When I move SAB back over to my mac, the text cursor is immediately out of alignment.

I also tried displaying SAB on my non-retina iPad (2nd Gen.) through a monitor display app called Duet. The about section text remained messed up - but it is going through a program, so this is probably not a reliable test.

Lastly, I played around a bit with scaling my mac screen resolution (making everything on the screen look larger or smaller). I found that 1920 x 1200 makes the about section cursor alignment a lot better. It’s not perfect, but for now I can work with it.

Anyway, it seems very clear that display resolution is at the heart of this issue.

The couple of forums that made me wonder if it was a retina display issue are the following (since at least some people who wrote stated that they have retina displays). These forums threads are probably not that relevant at this point, but since you asked, here they are:

https://discuss.atom.io/t/cursor-appears-to-be-displayed-one-character-to-the-right-of-its-actual-position/1452/10 .

Thanks Ian for talking this through with me. It helped figure things out!

It was you who narrowed it down to the Retina display. That gave a tacklable issue.

Haha, yeah, but I work best when I can bounce things off of others : )

… Actually this is not a temporary solution at all. The other day it seemed to make things better. Now, since rebooting my machine, rescaling doesn’t help at all.

The real issue at hand is the about section not displaying correctly on ultra high resolution displays -particularly mac Retina displays, but could exist on PCs as well. Scaling is no solution.