Text highlighting of a word or phrase

In the transition from paper to digital Scripture resources, the feature that seems to have been overlooked is that of highlighting a word of phrase that catches your attention. Most apps provide some means for highlighting, but usually only the entire verse, and maybe only one verse at a time. What I miss from my “paper days” is the ability to underline a word or phrase and then connect a line to some word or phrase in another part of the verse or to a verse or two later. At the very least having the ability to highlight a word in a specific color would be a nice added feature in contrast to highlighting the whole verse.


This is a good idea!

On a related note, it would be cool to use such a feature to build in highlighting into certain texts. For example, if the app was being used to assist in the community testing of scriptures, perhaps there would be a way (either with footnotes or use of the highlighting features) to point out words, phrases, verses, or paragraphs that have a specific question that should be tested with the readers.

I’m not sure if this is the right forum to post this question but I’m having trouble concerning line height. I’m trying to create an app containing footnotes and referances. If the line height for the body text is not specified, (left blank) the line heights looks equal whether the line contains footnote/reference marker or not. But when I specify the line height, the line with the footnote/reference marker gets wider than other lines. Is there any work around on this?

It would be very helpful too for preaching / Bible study.

How do I vote for this?

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