Text highlighting?

Hi. The PTXPrint webpage advertises:

  • Decorative borders and other textual embellishments
  • Colour in text (which could be used to mark the words of Jesus in red, for example)

Is it possible to use either of these to highlight sections of text (e.g., 10% grey for the text background, not the text itself)? Or is there another approach? Thanks for any help,


No, this isn’t available yet, but we are working toward being able to use text boxes (with/without shading). See the discussion on this other thread.

Hmmm… Not quite what I was looking for @mjpenny. But I’m actually having the thought that it might be just as easy to do it with a PDF program after PTXPrint works its magic.:bulb:
Thanks for chiming in–I think it helped nudge me along!