Text Release Bundle from Paratext 9 to Hear this

I am wanting to make a text release bundle from Paratext 9 to use on multiple computers that do not have a Paratext 9 account (separate computer for each reader since COVID restricts travel. The bundle created will not work. The ZIP file is unrecognized by “Hear This.” Is there a fix for Paratext 9 and Hear This?

Project could not be loaded: C:…\Text Bundle\export_text_dbl-318f036d0ed4bd5b_pt-INSCU_20210917-090957\source\source.zip

A “Source” bundle is not the same as a Text Release Bundle. It looks like what you have created is a source bundle. To create a Text Release Bundle using Paratext, on the Project menu, point to Advanced and then click Create DBL text bundle. Under Destination, choose To Disk. It’s a bit tricky because it won’t let you proceed if it detects errors.
Two other alternative approaches you might also want to consider:

  1. Use Glyssen to create a script directly from your Paratext project. Glyssen is primarily intended for creating multi-voice (dramatized) scripts, but if you want to record each book with a single narrator, you can choose that option (on a book-by-bok basis) in Glyssen. One advantage of using Glyssen to prepare the script is that you can tell it how many readers you have and it will divide up the narration work among them. Then the script that it produces will indicate who is supposed to read each book. Inside Glyssen you can export a glyssenscript file, and then just share that with each of your readers. HearThis will happily load the glyssenscript file.

  2. Use HearThis Android. It is still listed as beta because there are a few details that never got finished, but quite a few people have used it successfully for real work. It is intended to solve the problem you are working on, more-or-less. However, it is for recording on Android devices, not computers. Also, I’m not sure whether it supports remote synchronization, so that could be a show-stopper for you.

Thank you! I have tried the Create DBL text bundle but as you say it is tricky. It does not like the way the quotation marks are done (The NT is already published) and so will not proceed. I will try with Glyssen and then get back to you.

To qualify my statement about “not liking the way the quotation marks are done”, the Paratext 9 quote test does not seem to recognize the Quote continuer at a new paragraph. There are too many changes in the whole Bible to make any changes at this time. Since Glyssen (and the Create DBL text bundle) depend on this being done, I am not sure what to do.

Assuming you have use the quotation mark continuers consistently, it should be fairly easy to configure the settings in Paratext to pass the checks. If you would like to describe how your quotation system works (either here, in a direct email to tom_bogle@sil.org, or via a live chat), I can try to suggest some settings that will make the checking process go better. It is also possible to “deny” the errors in the check and then Paratext will consider them to be passing, but if there are a lot, that can be pretty cumbersome. If you bypass the Text Release Bundle step and go straight into Glyssen from the live Paratext data, Glyssen will “complain” about the check not passing, but it will still let you add the book(s) to your Glyssen recording project. Although it might depend on the specific errors in play, Glyssen tries to be fairly forgiving and will quite likely be able to successfully analyze the quotes. But if I understand correctly, you are just wanting to do a “single-voice” narration (with multiple narrators - but not dramatized). In that case, the quotation marks really don’t matter at all. So Glyssen should work just fine for your need.

Just in case anyone comes upon this thread and has a similar need, I wanted to come back and wrap it up by saying that the #1 solution proposed earlier proved fruitful.