The HTML export from SAB for Scripture Viewer has some minor issues

I produced an HTML Scripture output from SAB for Kallam to upload to our web site. I checked every chapter which we have there and I found the following Chapters have same issue. The issue is when you click anywhere in the chapter the sound doesn’t start at that verse or phrase. Nothing happens. If I click on the sound play button at the bottom. The sound file plays and the text highlights from verse 1 and progresses. Every other chapters (Genesis, Exodus, Matthew-Revelation) if you click within the chapter the verse or phrase will play.
The problem chapters are:
Genesis 29
Exodus 19 and 32
Luke Introduction
Acts 8 and 10

I checked the apk file which SAB produces. When it is installed as an app the same chapters plays fine. You can fast forward to any verse and it will play. The problem only occurs in the above chapters as an HTML export. I looked through my chapters in Paratext to see if anything looks odd but I can’t see anything that might cause this issue

Can you share your project and the HTML files. Can you also provide the audio files for the bad chapters and a chapter each side. If I have time before going on vacation (AU holiday) I’ll look at it but I’ll also put it on our issues site.

Send me a private message with details of where I can get it.