The HTML export from SAB for Scripture Viewer has some minor issues

I produced an HTML Scripture output from SAB for Kallam to upload to our web site. I checked every chapter which we have there and I found the following Chapters have same issue. The issue is when you click anywhere in the chapter the sound doesn’t start at that verse or phrase. Nothing happens. If I click on the sound play button at the bottom. The sound file plays and the text highlights from verse 1 and progresses. Every other chapters (Genesis, Exodus, Matthew-Revelation) if you click within the chapter the verse or phrase will play.
The problem chapters are:
Genesis 29
Exodus 19 and 32
Luke Introduction
Acts 8 and 10

I checked the apk file which SAB produces. When it is installed as an app the same chapters plays fine. You can fast forward to any verse and it will play. The problem only occurs in the above chapters as an HTML export. I looked through my chapters in Paratext to see if anything looks odd but I can’t see anything that might cause this issue

Can you share your project and the HTML files. Can you also provide the audio files for the bad chapters and a chapter each side. If I have time before going on vacation (AU holiday) I’ll look at it but I’ll also put it on our issues site.

Send me a private message with details of where I can get it.

Since you won’t be able to read Ladakhi this is how to get to the books

On the drop down book selection area Genesis is the 3rd item down, Exodus 4th down, Luke 8th down and Acts 10th down


I looked at the files.

The ones causing problems have console errors. That is if you right click on a word in the file and choose Inspect. The in the Inspection window click on the Console tab you will see things like this:


Ideally there is nothing there.

There is some sort of Javascript error.

I’ll write it up. It is beyond my minimal Javascript skills.

For Genesis 29, the text is missing verse 14 so when the JavaScript code tries to associate the audio timing for verse 14 with verse 14 in the text, it fails. The way that I figured this out was that I looked at the array of timings in lbj-03-GEN-029.html and searched for the corresponding tag (e.g. for timing label “s1”, I looked for element with id=“Ts1”).

I found if you modify the Gen 29 HTML file like the following it works:

line 68 changes from this:

    { label: "14", start: 179, end: 183.95 },

to this:

    { label: "14c", start: 179, end: 183.95 },

And in the HTML change the start of line 181 from this:

<div class="p">"ཡ༌ཀོབ༌ ཏེ༌རུ༌ དུགས༌ཏེ༌ ཟླ༌ཝ༌ ཅིག༌གི༌ སྟིང༌ནེ༌, <a id="v15"></a>

to this:

<div class="p"><div id="T14c" class="txs">"ཡ༌ཀོབ༌ ཏེ༌རུ༌ དུགས༌ཏེ༌ ཟླ༌ཝ༌ ཅིག༌གི༌ སྟིང༌ནེ༌, </div><a id="v15">

After that it works as expected.

That is an SAB bug for just that chapter.

Still looking at the other error pages.

All of the problem files have a mismatch of Javascript labels to HTML ids. (The previous one had this too)

Exo 19 the HTML is missing id T8c
Exo 32 the HTML is missing id T26c
Luk intro the JS has a s0 that can be removed.
Acts 8 the HTML is missing id for T1a and T1b
Acts 10 the HTML is missing id fo T23a and T23b

You can fix all of these manually by adding in the missing <div id="T14c" class="txs"> before and closing </div> after like in the previous post.

This should not happen. So can we get your project via Private message to help with debugging?