The letter ű in the bible texts cannot be displayed how to rectify

Kindly tell me the way to use fonts that can display ű in the texts.

Adapt It needs to know what font you wish to use for its source text and its target text. From within Adapt It, you can select any font that is installed on your computer for use in displaying those texts. When you select at startup, Adapt It asks you what font you wish to use for the languages that will be used within that project. After a project is created, you can access Preferences item on Adapt It’s Edit menu, and select the Fonts tab where you can change the fonts for source and target language texts. If the character ű is available on the font you select, Adapt It will display it on the screen.

I mean in the SAB after building the apps the letter ű appears as ? When we install the app in the phone. What must be the reasoon

If the ű displays properly in both Adapt It and Paratext, my guess is that the character is fine when exported to SAB. The issue is most likely due to a font that doesn’t have the ű character defined. This can happen if the font is not embedded in the exported SAB app (which would cause Android / iOS to substitute another font that might not have the character).

I would ask in the SAB forum to see what you need to do, and mention that the ű character is displaying correctly in Adapt It / Paratext.