The "Links" section has removed in 10.3 version

I have just updated the SAB because the App Store Connect gave the error “… app must be built with the IOS 16.1 SDK or later (90725)” to the app built with (SAB 10.2). After updating the SAB, the App Store Connect received our app, but the Links tab (It was inside the Features) is not in the latest update. I was using this feature to replace the callers with custom symbols.

Our app’s update was delayed because the Links feature was essential. If possible, please add this feature again.

The Link feature was moved to the book collection. If you look at the release notes for 10.3:

Footnote and Cross Reference links at a book collection level

  • The Features > Links tab has now been moved to each book collection, so you can configure these settings differently according to the book collection.
  • If the ‘Default’ caller option is selected, you can now choose to replace ‘-’ callers with the automatic ‘+’ caller symbol.
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