Thumbnail problems in SAB 5.0

I’ve been experimenting with inserting video links using SAB 5.0. When I build the app, however, the thumbnails get messed up. Part of the thumbnail image gets duplicated, and sometimes the entire thumbnail (video title and all) is placed twice in the text. It doesn’t seem to matter if I check or uncheck the setting to use the full width of the screen to display the image. I’ve attached screenshots of what’s happening. Has anyone else experienced this problem yet or have suggestions about how to fix it?

David Fetrow

I’d like to see your source USFM. You can send it by private message. Just click on my icon and select message.

I think this is a proportion problem. The video height is set and if the image width is not wide enough then the image is repeated. Creating a image with extra parts on the side would fix it.

I will enquire if we can fix it with styles.

Thanks so much for taking a look at it. The more I worked with it yesterday, I think that you’re right. When I used the option to “Grab Online Image” instead of using the image files I already had, they seemed to work fine (with a couple of exceptions). It might be helpful to include some text on the thumbnail screen about recommended image size (like what is already available under Images for icons, splash screen, etc.)

Good news, I have a fix for your initial problem.

In Styles, click on Custom Styles tab.
Click on Add Style… button.
Add in Style Name
Add in Description Video thumbnail repeat and position control.
Click on the CSS tab and copy and paste in the following lines between the curly brackets.
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-position: center;

So you should ends with this: {
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: center;

Click OK
Click Save All

Rebuild and see the results with the original thumbnail. :grinning:

Thank you! That seems to fix the problem!


I’m still having an issue with the whole thumbnail image being duplicated (as in my original screenshots). This doesn’t seem to occur when I first build the app, but if I play a video, then the next time I open the app, thumbnails are duplicated (and not just for the video I played, but others too).

I’m attaching another screenshot of what’s happening.

Just to be clear are you placing the video via the placement tab or via the putting a \video V1 in the text? I assume it is the former of the two methods but want to be sure.

Yes, I’m using the placement tab to add the videos. Also, I sent the project file to someone else, and when they built the app they experienced the same problem.

SAB 5.1 comes out today and there’s a fix for the duplicated thumbnail problem. Hopefully that will address all your issues.

Thanks so much! It does seem to be working now. At first, I was having the same problem. I initially had a splash screen showing at startup, but then I disabled that and didn’t have the duplication problem anymore. I’m not sure if that contributed to the problem, but it may be something to look into for future releases.