Timing Files to Subtitle SRT (feature request / offer)

Hi everyone, (@Dave_Kane)

I’ve created a small python script to convert SAB timing files into video subtitle files (*.srt format). Many people are using Lumo or similar videos, which basically use the a standard audio track as you’d include in SAB over a video, and it seems like if this data is available on SAB we might as well use it for video to make subtitles of the scripture text appear at the same time as the audio. This will not be 100% click & go - if the audio has been spaced to fit the video, there will be some adjustsments, but it would reduce a significant amount of work for people creating videos with an audio track the same as in SAB.

  1. Is this something that is likely to be incorporated into SAB in the future? As far as I could see there was a possible way to do this but only for certain Bible stories with paid for software (Video syncronisation option - #2 by tom_bogle)

  2. If not likely to be a feature in SAB, is there significant interest in the community to make this more widely available as a web app / standalone piece of software? Something I could do.



Hi @andy_pi, thank you for this suggestion.

There is a subtitle creation wizard in Scripture App Builder, which you get when you select Export Subtitles at the bottom of the right-click menu on the Audio Files tab.


The wizard allows you to select from four subtitle types:


Does how we have implemented it answer what you are looking for?

Hi Richard. Yes. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Thanks - it was a bit suprising to me that this didn’t exist!

I did do some searching (e.g. here: Resources - Scripture App Builder - Scripture App Builder (sil.org)) but the only thing that came up was: 12. Creating Slideshow Videos.

Only comment would be to add something to the documentation / website so folks know its available!

Thanks for all your work at SIL on SAB. It’s a fantastic piece of software and very well supported.

Thanks, Andy. I’ll make a note to add it to the documentation.