Timings file uses outdated text

I replaced the SFM file for one book with the latest version. Then I created a new timing file with Aenaes for a chapter that didn’t previously have one. But when I go to fine tune the timings, it’s basing it on the old SFM file.

I deleted the timing file from ScrApp and the folder, but the problem keeps repeating itself. When I build the app, it uses the correct SFM version, but it means that the timings are off. Any idea what’s going on?

Someone might have a better suggestion, but what I would try is deleting the ‘phrases’ file (a .txt file) for that chapter and running Aeneas again.
These will be in a folder called ‘Phrases’, the location for this is decided on the last page of the synchronising process.

Thanks. Actually, I closed and reopened my browser after posting this, and that seemed to fix the problem.

First things first, try restarting either the program or the machine before trying anything else :rofl: