ToC for Bible Modules

I would like to create a ToC for a Bible Modules. Ideally I’d like the ToC to be automatically generated for each \s marker, so that each section title is a line in the ToC and the corresponding page number shows up.

If PTXprint can’t create that automatically based on \s, then I’d like to be able to add extra tags throughout the modules with information in each to state “add a ToC entry here”. I tried something like \toc1 entry_name but that didn’t work (which isn’t entirely unexpected, since generally you don’t want more than one \toc1 entry in a given book).

The thing is, I could swear I had this working a couple of weeks ago but I can’t recreate my work. Does anyone know how to create such a ToC which isn’t simply based on \toc1/2/3 entries from different books?