(Too?) easy to edit text

Hi there, I’ve just registered for Scripture Forge and haven’t used it much yet. I’m excited about the possibilities and think this product is really filling a need.

One quick observation: I connected a project using my Paratext account. I’m an admin for the project and have full edit rights for the books in the project. It looks like I can edit the text directly in Scripture Forge kind of like Google Docs works. I wonder if this is a bit too easy to make changes?

I haven’t experimented much so maybe I’m wrong about this. If it works the way I understand and described above though I think it would be good to have a safety measure in place or I would personally create a second account for users who have edit rights to use for checking and testing.

That’s all, thanks!

Hi Mike

You are right, it is just as easy to edit text in Scripture Forge as it is in Paratext, but only if you already have an appropriate Paratext role. However, in Scripture Forge, in the Translate tool, it is as you say like Google Docs - more than one person can edit the same verse at the same time. This makes it easy to collaborate whether you are in the same room or separated by social distance (or some other reason).

When you share the project with a Community Checker they only see the Community Checking tool. They cannot see the Translate tool and therefore cannot edit the text.

Blessings, Ira