Does transcelerator allow us to import questions into transcelerator?
Does transcelerator allow us to import questions into scripture forge?
Does transcelerator allow us to import questions into paratext?
I would like to see the capability of doing all three.

Transcelerator currently does not have the ability to import questions, although they can be added one at a time: Right click an existing question near where you want to add a question and on the context menu, choose Add Question. I have noted this request and will take it under consideration. We are very interested in rounding out the questions, especially in the Old Testament, so we encourage users who author their own questions to share those with us for inclusion in future versions of Transcelerator. We are currently working on trying to incorporate the questions written by unfoldingWord.
Transcelerator does have the ability to export questions so they can be used in Scripture Forge.
Transcelerator is a Paratext plugin. As such, all the comprehension checking questions prepared using Transcelerator are automatically included with your other Paratext data when using Send/Receive. Paratext does not have any direct feature for displaying or using the Transcelerator questions (i.e., outside of Transcelerator itself). However, if you use Scripture Forge, it can create notes in your Paratext project (I think the responses to questions can appear in Paratext as notes). I’m not sure if that is what you are asking for, or something else. If you can give more information about what exactly you would like to do, we can talk about how it might already be possible or how the program(s) could be modified to make it work,